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Why Might I Need Someone to Help Me Paraphrase?

In academic writing, we will often refer to what other people have written or said in the past within our areas of research. Sometimes we will want to repeat what they have said verbatim as a direct quotation but this should be kept to a minimum within our writing. It is often suggested that direct quotations should form less than 10% of our final paper. It is far better that we write what the original author has to say. Paraphrasing is:

  • An allowable method that you can use to borrow what another has said, although a reference must still be given.
  • A more detailed way of restating information than a summary.
  • A full retelling of what someone else has to say using your own unique words.

We want to reformulate rather than directly quote what another has to say for a variety of different reasons, it helps you to better understand the original ideas and words used.

It is better than quoting something that could be improved, simplified or better targeted to your particular audience, it helps you to avoid the temptation to just quote.

Some Tips to Help with Paraphrasing

The following are some simple to follow tips to help with paraphrasing correctly:

  • Read the original text several times until you are confident that you fully understand it. You cannot start writing if you do not understand it.
  • Make simple notes of the specific ideas raised within the text.
  • Ensure that you are clear as to the aim of your paraphrasing.
  • Rewrite the original using your notes rather than looking at the original.
  • Compare your paraphrased version to the original and rewrite anything that has been unwittingly copied.
  • Put any unique terms from the original text within quotation marks to show that they are repeated from the original.
  • Provide a reference in the correct format to credit the original author.
  • Here you go some advice to help you understand how to rehash.

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