Paraphrasing Quotes in a Right Way

Paraphrasing is a useful way of providing backup for your thoughts and ideas because you will use your own version of wording. In fact, it is tricky because you need to keep the original point or argument without copying the exact words the author used. If you want to know how to paraphrase in an essay and how to paraphrase quotes, read this page!


Tips for Paraphrasing Quotes

  • Understand how paraphrasing is being used. Paraphrasing is restating the main idea of an original source into your own words. In paraphrase quote process, you do not need to change all the words in your own words, but what you need to do is to present the important details and points.
  • Read the original quote. To paraphrase citation, you need to read the quote that you chose. It should be not more than two or more sentences. Invest time to get its meaning and have a better understanding of what it is all about or what is the meaning of it.
  • Make notes. As you are reading, you need to write down notes on the main ideas of the quote. You can write the argument or some few words illustrating it. When you are making notes, be sure to get the source material out your sight. If you’re wondering, “can you help me paraphrase” – yes, we can.
  • Rewrite original quote with your own version of wording. You use notes as well as your knowledge to write the quote into a different version of wording. Make sure that you will not mix up the structure of the sentence to the language so that you will not get different words. It is essential to keep the same structure of the sentence when you paraphrase quote.
  • Compare original to your paraphrase. The time you have written the passage into your own version, you will have to read your work loud to ensure that your version is able to keep the same meaning as the original passage. First, make sure that the structure is different. And the final outcome must sound as if it was your idea while conveying the idea of the author.

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Paraphrase Citation Help


When you learn how to paraphrase quotes, this is the time to start writing. Take time and do well in writing and keeping the same meaning. Don’t want to risk or have no time to finish the task yourself? There is a good option for you then. By using the best paraphrasing services you can achieve great results easily.

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