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Why Do You Need to Paraphrase Essay Pages?

Paraphrasing is being able to take what has already been written and then repeating it in very different words but still maintaining the full original meaning. Paraphrasing essay pages are often set as an assignment so that you can prove that you fully understand what has been written. You may also want to do it to improve on an essay that has been poorly written or to target a completely different audience with your writing. Alternatively, you may just want to rewrite something so that there is no evidence that it has been copied. You will also use paraphrasing within your essay so that can reference what someone else has written or said without having to directly quote them within your own work. However, even if you completely change what has been written you should still give credit through a well-formatted citation to the original author.


Do You Need to Paraphrase APA Style?

Paraphrasing is rewriting another author’s words and ideas in your own very unique style. But even if you completely change another writer’s words you should still provide a citation in the appropriate style for the format of your paper such as APA, MLA or Chicago. Each different format of academic writing has slightly different rules for how you should make reference to the works of another whether you are directly quoting, summarizing or paraphrasing what they have to say. So if you are having problems with your paraphrasing or formatting and referencing your text then our paraphrase in APA services can help you.
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How Can I Paraphrase My Essay?

To paraphrase essay pages is not easy, many students and even experienced writers will find that despite their best efforts they will find themselves repeating entire phrases from the original or they will leave out some of the ideas that have been raised. Paraphrasing is not just the process of swapping one word after another for its synonym. This is what a software program will do and it will result in text that is identical in length and structure to the original and it will often be obvious that it is a copy because of this. The software will also often change words incorrectly as many words have multiple meanings depending on the context that they are used in. This is why you must use a paraphrase service such as ours that employs highly experienced and well-qualified writers that know precisely how to paraphrase in APA format essay pages. To do so you have to fully understand the meaning of the original essay and then rewrite that meaning in your own unique words, something that our experts are able to do quickly and effectively.

Example of Paraphrasing Essay Writing

The following is a brief example of paraphrasing for your essay forms of our website for paraphrasing:

Original text:
“Many businesses hold far too much inventory and really do not fully understand the real costs that are associated with all that stock and work in progress. Stock is probably the biggest problem that most businesses have yet more often than not they consider it an asset.” (Earley, 2015)
Paraphrased text:
Earley (2015) tells us that there are many businesses out there that see their stock and work in progress as an asset of the business without realizing the actual costs and problems associated with holding these excessive levels of inventory in their business.

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An Example of Paraphrase APA Citation

The following is an example of an APA paraphrase with the correct citation in APA format:

“You also have to remember that your employment is linked to your behavior, if you were arrested for drinking or womanizing for instance, you would not only find yourself jailed and deported you would also lose your job and any accrued benefits that you may have.” (Earley, 2010)
Earley (2010) tells us that you would be jailed and then sent home after losing your job and any benefits that you may have amassed if you were caught drinking alcohol, mixing with a woman or any other act that may be deemed inappropriate in Saudi Arabia.

Our Staff Is Qualified to Provide You with the Help That You Need

Paraphrasing in itself is not as simple as many writers perceive it to be in the first instance. It is not a case of just swapping a few words for their synonyms as a piece of software would, nor is it just swapping the order of a few sentences around. If you want to paraphrase paragraph then you need to fully understand the ideas being discussed within the work and you then have to repeat those ideas in your own unique words and style. While a paraphrase will often be of a similar length it will usually have different number sentences and a different structure of paragraphs etc. To do paraphrasing that is not going to be considered plagiarism and is going to be done in the right format takes someone that really knows what they are doing.

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