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Why Would You Need to Paraphrase Paragraph?

Paraphrasing a paragraph from someone else’s writing is often done when you are writing an academic paper or even a bigger manuscript. You will want to use someone else’s ideas to compare to or to support your own ideas. However, you will not always want to just directly quote what the other has to say. Often what they say is written in a very different style, or it may not make the specific point that you want to emphasize or it may even be overly complicated or difficult to understand clearly. You will also want to show your readers clearly that you have understood what these other authors and researchers have said. But paraphrasing a paragraph is not always easy; many students even those that are in the later stages of their education will struggle with paraphrasing. If you can’t paraphrase essay, you can contact us as well.


How Can You Paraphrasing a Paragraph Text Effectively

Many services out there will use software to provide paraphrasing of paragraphs. These software programs work by replacing individual words with their synonyms but this will often result in incorrectly chosen words as many words have multiple meanings depending on the context within which they have been used. An inexperienced person will often do something very similar but they will often choose the correct words from the thesaurus, but the resulting text will have exactly the same structure as the original and will easily be seen as a copy. True paraphrasing needs to change the whole structure of the writing as well as original words. To do this expert paraphrasers such as ours will:

  • Read the original paragraph to ensure a total understanding.
  • Make notes of the points that are raised in their own words.
  • Ensure that you are clear as to the purpose of the rewrite; are you making simpler, targeting a different audience, etc.
  • Rewrite the original paragraph in your own words using the notes.
  • Compare the two to ensure that they are completely different. Make any necessary corrections.

Example of Paraphrasing a Paragraph


Pareto Charts are very similar to Histograms or Bar charts; however, the Pareto analysis is one that reflects the 80:20 rule. The 80:20 rule originally proposed through the research of Vilfredo Pareto regarding 80% of a countries wealth belonging to just 20% of its population. (Earley, 2010)

Paraphrased text

Vilfredo Pareto gave us the 80:20 rule when he discovered that around 80% of a countries wealth was held by just 20% of the population. This can be seen by using a Pareto Chart which is similar in design to a Bar Chart or Histogram.

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We Can Paraphrase Paragraph Text Perfectly

If you are looking for paraphrasing that is done perfectly without even a hint of plagiarism then our professional paraphrase services can help you. We provide our services through some of the very best paraphrasing experts that you will find online. Through us, you will benefit from:

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