How to Paraphrase an Article with Simple Words

Tips on How to Paraphrase an Article

If you want to introduce another source to readers such as book, journal or article, then you need to paraphrase. If you are asking how to paraphrase an article, the answer is that know the systematic rules.

  • Convey the essence, not the exact sequence of words. If you copy the exact words used in the original article, search engine simply will not rank your article and the reputation of the whole domain might be damaged. Fast meaningless copying equals clumsy assistance.
  • Start from small steps. Paraphrase the keywords first, then move to phrases and sentences. Check out how to paraphrase a sentence and find out more useful tips.
  • Change the structure. Think about alternative ways to formulate the ideas.
  • Use reverse chronological order if that is applicable, the deductive method instead of inductive and vice versa.
  • Keep the meaning though. Sometimes people concentrate on using their own words rather than keeping the message of the original article which leads to the creation of a completely different text.
  • Use proper quotation marks if you can’t avoid someone’s words or think these words are specifically relevant and need to be highlighted. Refer to original sources that exist longer than the article you are trying to rewrite, because most likely it was rewritten too.
  • Do not look at the source, use your notes and imagination instead to create a unique plagiarism free text.

tips on how to paraphrase an article

A Piece of Advice for Article Paraphrase

There are many things that you need to do in paraphrasing article that is why you need to read and read. You also need to make notes whiles you are reading to get the main idea of the article. If you think the content is difficult to understand, rely on the thesaurus to give you the meaning and for you to understand the original passage. While making some notes which will help you in your further paraphrasing process, you also should consider the difference between paraphrase and summary because these two things are not as the same as you can think, so be careful and attentive.

After that, you can begin paraphrasing MLA. Also, you need to retain the same tone and meaning of the article, what you only need to change is the words that are used. Be sure that you only start to paraphrase article when you fully understand the steps because when you begin to write without knowing what you must do there is a big chance that you commit plagiarism and do the wrong way of paraphrasing. If you don’t, it’s better to use the best paraphrasing service.

There are many things to do in paraphrasing article that is why you need to start knowing all the things you should do. The essential thing is that you need to retain the same meaning even though you will change the tone and structure of the material.

how to paraphrase an article

MLA Paraphrasing: What to Do

Modern Language Association has specific guidelines when it comes to the proper citation for sources. If you do not quote a source effectively and directly but only paraphrase, it is important that you still give credit to the original source. As much as possible if it is required, adhere to MLA guidelines. There are basic rules that you need to know for paraphrase MLA and to avoid plagiarism. It is essential that you correctly cite sources in the body of your paper. Here are things you should learn and remember if you don’t know how to do website paraphrasing:

  • Position citation at the end of your paraphrase before you place the period.
  • Be sure to list all the last name of the authors after you use the parenthetical mark.
  • Listing page number of what you are paraphrasing is important. You need to close your citation with the parenthetical mark all the time. When you have numerous pages, you need to use a hyphen between the numbers.
  • When you have a citation, there is a format you need to follow. For instance, numerous birds are difficult to interact with others emotionally and their behaviour shows that there is evidence of them for having mood swings (Smith 89-90).
  • When you mention the name of the author you’re paraphrasing, you need to cite the page numbers in parentheses. For instance: According to Garcia, numerous birds are difficult to interact with others emotionally and their behaviours show that there is evidence of them for having mood swings (89-90).

mla paraphrasing

There are many things you need to learn when you need to paraphrase and it is important to learn all of it. MLA paraphrase citation will become easy when you know what you are doing. For you not to have a hard time, just follow the required format or ask for expert paraphrasing help. Make notes of it or memorize so that you will not commit mistakes. Keep in mind that a single mistake will ruin what you have written that is why do your best to know all the things you need to learn. The time you are ready and have a source that you want to paraphrase, begin to start writing today!

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