How to Paraphrase a Paragraph and Not to Lose Its Meaning

Paraphrasing is about putting ideas of the author in your own words. You get a high-quality paraphrasing when you explain the thoughts of other authors into your own writing style as well as improving the readability and flow of the source. You can check other beneficial posts on our rephrasing website service that will help you.

Tips on How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

To have an effective paraphrasing, knowing how to paraphrase a paragraph is essential. It is important that your statement should have different words. When you use phrases in the original material to paraphrase a sentence, be sure to place them in quotation marks. Also, add a citation even though you paraphrase in your own words because always remember that it is still the work and idea of someone else. When you have a difficulty in paraphrasing quotes, you can create a short list of quote’s main ideas.

There are also other things you need to know on how to paraphrase a sentence such as you need to reflect the same meaning or ideas of the original quote using your own writing style and words. You can use unique phrases, as long it is same as the original material.

  • Understand. When you are paraphrasing text, you need to understand it before you begin writing. As much as possible, get the main idea of the original source so that you will not have a hard time paraphrasing.
  • Read it again. If you still do not understand the source, read it again. Do not stop until you are not able to get what you want. Keep in mind that the key to having an effective paraphrasing is that you need to read the source to know the exact meaning.
  • Reorder or change the words. In paraphrasing text, there are many things you need to do such as changing the words or reordering the sentences so that it will be original and you can retain the same meaning.

how to paraphrase a paragraph

The time you change the meaning of the source, you are not paraphrasing but you are doing another article, essay or story. In paraphrasing text, you only need to change the words and keep the meaning of the passage. Our cheap paraphrasing services can help you with any issue.

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