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What Is Paraphrasing?

example of paraphraseWhen we write something we will often want to include what someone else has written before to show that we have done our research and to compare what they have to say to our own ideas or even to support our own ideas. But an essay or even a larger paper should be written in our own words not just consist of copied quotes. Paraphrasing is when we take what someone else has written and we then rewrite it in our own words maintaining those original ideas.

How to Paraphrase Correctly

Paraphrasing does not just mean that you should just swap individual words for their synonym as a piece of software would. Nor is it just a matter of swapping the order of a sentence around. Online paraphrasing is about understanding the meaning and then relating that meaning in your own unique words and style. A paraphrased essay would likely be of a similar length to the original but the structure would likely be very different as would the words.

Examples of Paraphrase Creation

Examples of paraphrase can help you to see exactly how you should do your paraphrasing and also how not to do it if you see poor examples. The following samples will provide you with some idea as to how to do your own paraphrasing and also what you can expect from a paraphrase service such as ours:

Example of paraphrase 1:

Original Text

Your processes are normally controlled through the presence of and the audit of written quality ISO9001 procedures which define what has to be done. ISO 9001:2008 defines best practice for each process within your organization to ensure control.

Spun by Software

Your procedures are typically controlled through the vicinity of and the review of composed quality ISO9001 strategies which characterize what must be finished. ISO 9001:2008 characterizes best practice for every procedure inside of your association to guarantee control.

Our Paraphrase

The way your business works should be regulated and improved through the implementation of ISO9001:2008 based written procedures which will define the ideal way for your business processes to be controlled.

Example of Paraphrase 2:

Original Text

Far too often in our businesses we tend to address the symptoms of a problem rather than addressing the true root cause. Because of this, the problems fail to go away and just reappear again at a later date.

Spun by Software

Awfully regularly in our organizations we tend to address the side effects of an issue as opposed to tending to the genuine main driver. On account of this, the issues neglect to go away and simply return again at a later date.

Our Paraphrase

In business, we often find that problems will reoccur as we are failing to tackle the actual root causes of the problems and only looking at and dealing with the symptoms that we see.

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