Avoid Plagiarizing with Proper Paraphrasing

What is plagiarism? It is the act of reckless or deliberate use of another’s ideas, thoughts or words as one’s own without properly citing or attributing in connection with the publishing or submission of writing work, like an academic paper, whether or not graded. In writing, you can avoid this problem through essay paraphrasing.
proper paraphrasing

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3 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

  1. Summary
  2. Paraphrase
  3. Quote

3 Ways to Defeat Automated Plagiarism Detection

  1. To convert PDF files into word
  2. To use a thesaural substitution
  3. To translate international article into English

Global Plagiarism Statistics

  • About 80% of college students had admitted to cheating at least once
  • 54% of students said that they had plagiarized from the web
  • 36% of undergraduates had admitted to plagiarizing a written document or material
  • 90% of students think that cheaters are never caught
  • 47% of students think that their teachers sometimes ignore their cheating actions
  • 74% of students said that they had engaged in serious cheating at least once in their lives

Tips in Paraphrasing

  1. Read and understand the text carefully, letting you get the message of the author or writer in your own words. This process will also speed up the task, as you’ll know what to write in your paper based on the original work.
  2. Imagine that you are translating the original text. When paraphrasing, avoid looking at the source and try to reword using your own words.
  3. Revise the phrase, passage or sentences in your own understanding and style, letting you paraphrase correctly while avoiding copying the exact words from the original source.
  4. Avoid changing the meaning of the original text so that you can keep its meaning and provide value to your readers.
  5. Do not quote large sections of the text to avoid plagiarism. Only quote a sentence or two that has something to do or that has a connection with the message you are trying to say. Use quotes when needed.
  6. Check out for synonyms of difficult words, but be careful in using them. See to it that they have the same meaning or will give justice to the sentence when used.
  7. Avoid interjecting your thoughts or ideas. This is not a review or critique. Do not include your ideas in what you are rewriting.
  8. Get help from paraphrasing services.

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