Paraphrasing APA to Use in Academic Writing

Correct APA Paraphrasing Citation

APA paraphrasing is tricky, so you will need to ensure that you will not copy the work or wording of the original author or else you will commit plagiarism. You need to use your own words and it must sound like you by using your own sentence structure as well as your vocabulary for the reader to recognize your work. To be sure that you are not plagiarizing, it is essential to take notes of the sources or main points.


Effective Tips to Use

  • Be original. Make small notes while reading a few sources you are going to paraphrasing in APA. After you are done the reading, think of the size, formatting and most important objectives set for your task. Try to write in your own words without checking the sources, only by using your notes. At the stage of final proofreading define which ideas you borrowed (and from whom) and which ones you consequently developed on your own.
  • Recheck the meaning of confusing words if needed. For instance, in some context, the words “bottle” and “jar” may have similar meanings as they both convey the meaning of liquid containers. You can’t forget to “seal the mouth of the jar” though. If you’re thinking now what company to choose  – we are the paraphrasing APA service to help you.
  • Do not include the exact sequence of words. Even if you didn’t do it deliberately but you noticed that some phrases coined into your memory just the way they were in the original source – try to use another sentence structures and synonyms. If you do not do this, it is better for you to include quotation marks around to avoid plagiarism.
  • Use classic fonts so that it is easy to read them and they don’t make your paper too frivolous.
  • Stick to the standard paraphrasing APA format: paper (8.5” x 11”) with 1-inch (2.54 cm) margins on all sides.
  • Keep the title short (not more than 12 words) and relevant to your paper.
  • Ask for further instructions from the admission committee or your professor. As a matter of fact, formatting requirements differ and there is no universal guide for all your future writing. So don’t be lazy and find out the exact details you are forced to follow.

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Quality Assistance in Academic Writing

APA paraphrasing citation does not require page number references when it comes to summaries but it should be included for the reader to find more important details in the text. It is better to ask first your professor to know what you need to do. Paraphrasing in text citation APA is a difficult task because you need to make sure that you do not copy other’s work and to make sure it is original. To do this, understand the original passage excellently and start to write using your own words. You can use quality services not to waste your precious time.

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